A village Living with the Great WoodsTotsukawa,Japan

A village Living with the Great Woods Totsukawa,Japan

Totsukawa is a village rich in forest resources, standing deep in the Kii Mountain Range in mainland Japan. We, inhabitants scattered in those steep mountains, have been reconsidering our relation to this area due to the effects of the Great Flood Talas in 2011. “Protecting the mountain: a responsibility borne by our citizens” became our MOTTO, and we started to move toward a profound revitalization of our forestry traditions.

Along with the cycle of sustainable forestry, we consistently manage the entire process from forest tending, sawing, processing, up to the final sales, and produce a wood that can be used with reliability. The beautiful and pure Totsukawa timber, grown by Mother Nature, will wash over you in a tide of deep sylvan fragrance.

Totsukawa, Nara